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Let Us Know How We Can Help You

Are you selling raw milk?

No ... we only sell pasteurised milk which means it has been gently pasteurised (heated) to kill any harmful bacteria

Is a bottle provided?

No ... glass bottles are available to buy or you may choose to bring your own container and help us to reduce plastic waste

There will be spare bottle tops available at the vending machine should you need them

How do we look after our glass bottle?

  • As soon as the the bottle is empty rinse with COLD water to wash away any milk residue.

  • Then use hot soapy water to wash the bottle (using a bottle brush for best results) before rinsing again

  • Ideally the bottle & lid should then be washed in a dishwasher.

  • Allow the bottle and lid to totally dry before putting the lid back on to the bottle.

  • Your are now ready to visit us again and refill your bottle!

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