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Whole Milk

£1.10 / litre

Gently pasteurised, and unprocessed in any other way, the cream will gently rise to the top.  A whole milk that has not been through the industrial processes of homogenisation, separation or standardisation, it is at its best.

Keep refrigerated under 4*c and enjoy within 4 days of purchasing

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Industrial milk processes explained ...

What is homogenisation?

A process by which the fat globules from the milk are broken down into smaller and more uniform size preventing them from rising to the top.  Research shows that changes to the fat molecules can cause allergic reactions and make milk less digestible

What is separation?

The process where by milk is separated into its cream and liquid components

What is standardisation?

The process where the cream and liquid components are re-blended to make milk that contains the exact amounts of fat required, depending on whether it is whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed.  Low fat milk options have been shown to have less Vitamin A & E

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